Friday, September 29, 2017

A To Z Pawns Releases Statistical Breakdown Of Pawn Customers

The Phoenix-based pawnshop offers facts and figures about why customers patronize a pawn shop. The company has reached 25 years in service to Phoenix residents.

 — A to Z Pawns and Mike Stevens are pleased to announce the release of information about why customers choose a pawn shop for their short term financial needs. Money needs are no simple things, irrespective of the amount. The Phoenix firm is dedicated to providing honest, fair and fast services. The main reason why customers opt for pawn shops is to avoid the hassles and complications of a typical bank, especially in the face of a financial emergency. For a quarter-century, the company has prided itself on its infallible service and deals. According to the A to Z Pawns blog, people give up their possessions for many reasons. Contrary to popular belief, the national average shows that less than 1 percent of items sold or pawned are stolen merchandise. Customers bring their personal unwanted or temporarily unneeded items to the shop to resolve their need for immediate or emergency cash. The valuation of the items can vary from a few dollars to large amounts. Mike Stevens explained to an interviewer, "We have determined that over seventy percent of our customers redeem their loans. They have the option of pawning their items so that they may redeem them later. Only less than one-third of customers decide to sell their possessions outright. The presence of A to Z Pawns helps to bring the concept of short term loans to those in need of funds in Phoenix. Customers who have items in their possession that they no longer want may decide to sell the item and be rid of it permanently. Those who are downsizing for various reasons, or who are de-cluttering before relocating can easily get cash to use for any reason. A pawn shop cash purchase alleviates the hassle of yard sales and the expense of classified advertising. Three out of ten customers elect to sell rather than to pawn. Originally seen published on
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